Mailways’ mailing programs meet USPS standards and we make sure our clients are getting the best postage rates. Here's a list of downloadable resources and mailing documents to help you learn about direct mail processes.

How can I save on postage?

Mailways’ extensive experience and capabilities can save postage on nearly any mail scenario. It’s all about the list and the size and weight of your mail piece. We can sort it as far as it can be sorted so you stop paying non-discounted postage rates.

What is “Full-Service” mail?

Full-Service is an optional mail preparation that goes beyond traditional presorting. It involves labeling all containers and pieces with unique bar codes, so they can be tracked by the USPS through the mail stream. By doing these extra steps, Mailways can get the lowest possible postage rates and all available discounts for your mailing.

How can Mailways help my printing operation?

Mailways can act as your “back office” for all data processing, mail.dat and presort operations, as well as your source for finishing services such as cutting, scoring, folding, inserting and addressing your clients’ mail.

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