Mailways can create a fulfillment solution from the ground up, customized to the needs of your growing business. We’ll handle everything from packaging to warehousing and shipping or simply be the “back office” for your ongoing fulfillment needs.

Literature Fulfillment

Whether it’s daily, weekly, or month by month – Mailways can assemble or print your series of documents or brochures, fulfilling “more information” requests, or create packages of necessity for bulk distribution. Each request can be electronically captured in almost any format, then expertly fulfilled – usually by the next business day. These can include individually personalized documents via our in-house digital printing OR pre-printed documents we can store, inventory, and distribute. Free up your in-house staff and outsource all your document fulfillments needs to Mailways. It’s seamless, accurate, and a low cost alternative.

Rebate Fulfillment

Offering a rebate on a product or service? Mailways can perform multiple verification’s on rebate requests using either in-bound internet or US Mail requests. We open, verify, document, and store all the relevant information – then fulfill each request individually to ensure accuracy. Mailways will dispatch your rebate much faster than the 3 to 6 weeks offered by other providers. The process builds you a growing database of customers loyal to your brand for future offers to a highly targeted audience while your rebate process becomes fully outsourced to a long established and reliable partner. Outbound rebate’s are also a perfect avenue for piggy-back advertising opportunities such as additional inserts or tailored messages on check stubs or stock.

Product Fulfillment

From pick and pack, to single item products, Mailways can help you grow your business while we do the dirty work! Warehousing, inventory control, packaging and shipping – all under one roof.

Kit Assembly

Whether you need 100 or 100,000! Finished “kits” ready to mail, hand out, or distribute at trade shows has been a staple at Mailways for decades. Collation, insertion, boxing, folders, wrapping, banding and distribution are all essential options when choosing a company to become your “back office” – especially when you don’t have the staff to kit hundreds or thousands of promotional or necessity packages. We can build your kits or packages from the ground up using our high-tech print technology or we can assemble pre-printed or manufactured items en masse, even on short notice.

E-Commerce / Drop Shipping

Why staff up and buy a warehouse? Mailways has the space, the shipping know how, and the computing horsepower to handle all your inbound orders, packaging, and shipping at the lowest possible rates.

We can mail that for you

In today’s computerized age, Mailways is here to combine 21st century technology with time-tested direct mail marketing.

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