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What We Do

Since 1952, Mailways has served as a direct mail marketing partner to a diverse group of organizations. These organizations range from local restaurants to multinational corporations and nonprofit groups. We specialize in large data management, postal regulations, presorting, and high-speed mail processing. From list management and procurement to finished product delivery, we can do it all under one roof.

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The Mailways Process

  • Procure a mailing list
  • Conform the list to USPS standards
  • Audience targeting: geographic, demographic, interest
  • Design & Production of direct mail piece
  • Complete all postal documentation to ensure best rates
  • Logistics planning to save cost and meet delivery dates

How We Got Here

Founded in Manchester, NH in 1952, Mailways has long been at the forefront of mailing technology. As metal addressograph plates and computer punch cards in the 1950s and 60s gave way to mainframes and inkjet addressing in the 80s and 90s, our capabilities have kept expanding.

Today we run on IBM mainframes and Dell PowerEdge servers, presorting some of the largest mailings in the country. We’re always looking forward to the next technological breakthrough

We can mail that for you

In today’s computerized age, Mailways is here to combine 21st century technology with time-tested direct mail marketing.

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10 Bartlett St
Allenstown, NH 03275
TEL: (603) 669-5252      (800) 539-7363

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