Data Services

Your audience is one of the most important tools in your marketing arsenal. From a single location to vast national chains, building the perfect group to spend your postage on is a critical aspect of marketing through the US Mail.


For the seasoned mailer – we can offer full 48-month NCOA services, DPV, CASS, DSF sequencing and PAVE certified presort and Mailways’ unique software can optimize everything right down to your logistics.  Some of the largest volume mailers in the country rely on Mailways and its decades of experience in all aspects of sortation, regulations and the utmost in postage savings.


For the occasional mailer – Mailways will get your data up to date, analyze where and who you mail to, and bring new prospects into the mix to increase traffic.  We have proven proprietary software that can help you eliminate poor markets in favor of better ones.


New to direct mail marketing? – Mailways can take you by the hand and build an audience specific to you and your business before you spend a dime on printing and postage. We have consumer and household data which we can match and employ to your marketplace.


Other Data Services


We have vast experience working with all kinds of information for businesses large and small all across the US.


  • Complex back-matching
  • Merge purge different sources
  • Survey data
  • Political data
  • Data warehousing and fulfillment
  • File conversions
  • POS system integration/export
  • Mailing lists
  • Compilation
  • Custom data services
  • Variable Data Services and Mailing

We can Mail that for you.


In today’s computerized age, Mailways is here to combine 21st century technology with time-tested direct mail marketing.